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    Project kitchen and dining room January 2019

     In Africa, schoolchildren receive a meal at school – often the only meal of the day, as in Bondali in the Gamiba hinterland, where the Catharina Mellon School (nursery and primary school) is located. However, the school kitchen was never completed after the school was founded. The dining hall and kitchen house and pantry were just barracks without floor and windows and poorly covered with corrugated iron. And only if the kitchen is finished according to UN standards, there are government and UN subsidies for the school meals. The first big task of our small private aid organization! In January 2019 I traveled to Gambia with the first donation in my…

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    Godmothers and godfathers wanted!

    In September 2020 the first children will graduate from primary school and we are working on scholarships for secondary school. We want to try to finance five of the best graduates of the school with € 300 each for 6 years.…

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