The shutdown is enlarged for 21 days more! By end of June the kids of Bondali need you help again!

The shutdown is extended by 3 months! End of September is the end of rice!

Dear friends of the Catarina-Mellon School in Bondali,
Shutdown in Gambia – everything is closed! Yes, Corona has also arrived in Gambia and the case and death numbers are rising rapidly! The Gambia’s health system – one of the smallest and poorest countries in Africa – will have little to oppose this. Nobody earns anything and social benefits and even health insurance does not exist! Hunger is now the even bigger problem than Covid19!

For the fourth time (April, May, July and August 2019) we are sending rice to the hinterland in Bondali to save lives! Each delivery means four weeks of basic food! With the donations we buy rice at the coast – each delivery 60-70 bags! Fugi Drammeh, our volunteer organizer, will then take them to the hinterland of Bondali by Bushtaxi – a bus or truck on which the rice is transported on the roof – 120 km to Bondali. The rice is distributed at the school. On foot, by donkey cart or by bicycle, the children and their families bring the vital rice home – all under the strict eyes of the school director Taiobu Jobe and Fugi Drammeh. No one is left behind! Thanks to all who helped us to save the children of Bondali!

Who will help with the next delivery? Even the smallest amount helps!

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